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This Wiki serves as a searchable documentation base for all Optum CE products. Use the links below to access manuals, tutorials and documentation available for the specific Optum CE product:

  • Icons G2.png
    OPTUM G2 - 2D Finite Element Analysis software for Geotechnical applications
  • Icons G3.png
    OPTUM G3 - 3D Finite Element Analysis software for Geotechnical applications
  • Icon Compute.png
    OPTUM Compute - 3D Finite Element Analysis software Python API for Geotechnical applications
  • CS-icon-green.png
    OPTUM CS - Next generation FE tool for practical design of concrete structures

Optum CE is a Danish software company, delivering the next generation FEA software for analysis and design of geotechcnial and reinforced concrete structures. Our goal is to make advanced FE tools accessible for engineering practitioners.

  • Optum CE Homepage - www.
  • Youtube Channel - A wealth of Demos and Webinars is available here
  • LinkedIn - Follow us here to get information on updates, upcoming webinars and demos
  • Facebook - Like our page for updates